Parkersburg Resident Detained for Lincoln County Homicide

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Tony Williamson, a 35-year-old man from Parkersburg was detained in the early hours of Monday due to an allegation of first-degree murder linked to a case in Lincoln County. Agents from the Violent Crime and Narcotics Force alongside officers from the Uniform Division of the Parkers Police Department conducted the arrest.


The Detention

As Police Chief Matt Board disclosed, Williamson’s detention occurred slightly before 4 a.m. on July 1 at Seventh Street’s 1400 block. After briefly attempting escape, he was apprehended uneventfully. The reason behind his arrest was a warrant issued by West Virginia State Police during an ongoing murder investigation in Lincoln County.


The Event

The center point of this case is finding a deceased woman in a forest area near Harts, West Virginia, on June 24th. This woman was later known as Marissa Brandjes, aged 34 years old. It was confirmed by investigators that her death resulted from one bullet wound. As stated in the criminal documentation lodged at Lincoln County Magistrate Court, she was last seen departing Big Splint Hollow residing in Mingo County accompanied by Williamson using her car.


Investigation and Identity Verification

The investigation accelerated with public help needed to verify Brandjes identity by circulating photos showcasing her tattoos which fetched inputs even across states like Texas. Hamlin West Virginia State Police Detachment’s Trooper R.S Clagg acknowledged public assistance for identifying Brandjes leading to Williams’ detention stating they constantly concentrated their efforts upgraded with limited knowledge regarding it.

Case Specifics

Eyewitness reported Williamson coming back alone in the victim’s vehicle and reportedly confessing to have shot her. His Lincoln County connection stems from familyowned estate positioned near the crime site. This relationship, along with investigative clues, facilitated law enforcement in tracing and hiring him in Parkersburg.


Official Statements

Sgt G.H. Ellis II from West Virginia Police Detachment in Hamlin signifies that currently, Williamson is kept under surveillance at North Central Regional Jail.’ He will be presented at a preliminary hearing at Lincoln County Magistrate Court soon. “A collective effort between us in Lincoln County and Parkersburg has been paramount also hopeful to provide some solace for the family,” opined Clagg.


Response and Impact on Residents

The case evoked shock amongst more residents deepening their concerns over discovering Brandjes’ body alongside ensuing investigation. Commenting on the relentless hard work of law enforcement involved in solving the case, Clagg said “We were initially clueless about her presence here, all our efforts have been towards working nonstop for her,”

Legal Steps

Arraignment of Williamson took place at Wood Country Magistrate Court on Monday morning, presently held at North Central Regional Jail planning to move him. Western Regional Jail allowing easy access for his future court hearings regarding the ongoing case in Lincoln County.

Community Contributions

A combined effort between local residents and police was vital in confirming Brandjes identity also securing Williamson’s arrest. The contribution from public regarding information about Brandjes tattoos had crucial impact upon investigation’s progress.’“We managed taking photos of her leg tattoo images released them publicly setting off huge response allowing to affirm her identity,’ Clagg elaborated.’



The detention of Tony marks substantial forward movement for pursuing Marissa Brandjes’ justice. As the case moves ahead, residents of Lincoln County and wider West Virginia area continue absorbing the tragic event aftermath. Law enforcement is still dedicated to conducting a comprehensive investigation around Brandjes’ death also ensuring delivery of justice.

Emphasizing upon community cooperation significance and police dedication towards solving violent crimes also apprehending culprits, as more specifics get revealed, a hope arose those legal proceedings will bring settlement and justice for victim’s family.

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