St. Louis Witnesses Violence Over Fourth of July Weekend

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This Fourth of July weekend saw instances of violence in St. Louis, including at least 20 people being shot, local authorities confirmed. While there was less trouble caused by young people and fireworks the city nonetheless witnessed several shootings and crime which kept the police on their toes.


Violent Incidents Continue Despite Decrease in Juvenile Activity

An internal email from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that Saturday night early Sunday morning observed “less juvenile activity” along with a decrease in firework use. However, this did not put an end to violent events in the city. A mass shooting at Kiener Plaza that injured seven people came after the Celebrate Saint Louis fireworks show on July 4.


Gunfire Near Memorial Plaza

A man was spotted firing a gun near Memorial Plaza on Market Street around 5 p.m. on Saturday by an off-duty St. Louis police officer. A 15-year-old boy from Arkansas along with his friend and his parents were nearby when they heard shots fired. The boy sustained minor injuries to his elbow, treated onsite. They went onwards to attend the AJR concert at Enterprise Center post this incident.

A 59-year-old Uber driver’s car was hit by gunfire, but he didn’t get hurt. The suspect of this gunfire, Jaquan Rush who is 28 years old, was arrested later on several charges such as illegal use of weapon and second-degree assault without bail.


Breaches Of Probation and Detentions

Rush had broken his probation terms that he agreed upon following a confession in cases related to severe first-degree sexual abuse felony and first-degree sexual misconduct misdemeanor earlier April according to further inquiry into this case. Arresting the suspected offender rapidly was possible thanks to extra police units downtown, as mentioned in a police blog entry.


Attempted Robbery at Kiener Plaza

During an attempted robbery at Kiener Plaza early Sunday morning, a 20-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy were shot. The older victim ended up in a critical condition while the younger one had to get treatment for one of his legs. An unknown individual fired back at three male suspects wearing dark clothes and face masks although it’s unclear if any were hit.


Ongoing Violence Across St. Louis

On Saturday morning, there was an incident reported where a 35-year-old man took a bullet in the pelvic region at Bellerive Park for which he received hospital care.

That night, another situation unfolded where police arrived at a hospital treating gunshot injuries to hand and leg of a sedated 17-year-old boy who could not utter words to communicate with the officers.

Around the same early morning hours of Sunday, just following this incident, another violence broke out leaving another man wounded in belly critically in Mark Twain neighborhood followed by discovery of body dead from gunshot wound(s) belonging to an unidentified man found in Dutchtown neighborhood. two other survivors-a man and woman both 20s old-were shot here too.


Seizure Of Weapons and Arrests

The authorities seized several firearms throughout this period. near Market and 7th streets there was discovery of semiautomatic rifle left unattended inside backpack while people discovered stolen .22 caliber pistol on young boy only 16-year-old who faced arrest for illegal possession. Another arrest occurred following unearthing an individual owned GMC pickup truck with left out loaded illegal gun inside. Its owner also dealt with arrests.

The police took a number of firearms and fireworks from large groups of minors gathered downtown. Two adults including 18-year-old Mahidi Morris, illegally possessing guns, were arrested at Kiener Plaza where Morris had turned his Glock 23 pistol automatic by adding auto sear.


Reaction Of Mayor and Community Consequences

Following multiple instances of violence, St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones released a statement reporting the mass shooting as a “tragedy” and expressed sympathy for victims and their families. She further commented on excessive accessibility to guns in common hands while supporting police efforts.

There’s also been announcement about holding town hall meeting addressing the surge in violent crimes with expected participants list featuring Police Chief Robert Tracy plus Circuit Attorney Gabe Gore from Downtown Neighborhood Association. Mayor Jones reassured people attending STL Fest, her commitments towards reducing crime rate while improving community resources availability.



The Fourth of July weekend in St. Louis was unfortunately marked with multiple criminal activities including shootings in spite of elevated police presence and efforts taken to curb crime rates. Post this violent weekend, the community struggles striving towards safety improvements to prevent such future trends. People with tip on any information on crimes are asked by authorities to get in touch with Crime Stoppers via phone at number 866-371 TIPS (8477).

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