About Us

Welcome to South County Mail, where we provide a wide range of news coverage, stretching from the core of Southern Webster County in Missouri all the way to national headlines and global trends. While our roots are deeply planted in the communities of Rogersville, Fordland, and Seymour, our branches extend to cover the latest in national news, technology, sports, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

We aim to keep our readers both locally and nationally informed and engaged. South County Mail is all about bringing you the news that counts, taking you from our local region to the vast national canvas, always keeping you informed in our fast-paced world.

Local and National Coverage

  • Local News: We specialize in detailed local reports from Rogersville, Fordland, and Seymour. You’ll find info on community happenings, what’s going on in local governance, and stories that showcase what makes our region special.
  • National Headlines: Don’t miss out on key national stories. We cover the big events, politics, and notable happenings country-wide.

Diverse News Categories

  • Tech: Our technology section keeps you in the loop about new tech breakthroughs, cool innovations, and what’s trending in the tech scene.
  • Sports: We give you updates on everything from local sports to national competitions, complete with expert commentary.
  • Entertainment: Catch up on the freshest entertainment news about movies, music, TV shows, and celebrity gossip.
  • Business: Journey into entrepreneurship with stories of success, current business waves, and advice for upcoming business minds.

Our Team

Our team features top-notch writers like Mathilda Goggins and includes experienced journalists and passionate writers.

We aim to share different viewpoints in our news stories. We stand for true and fair journalism, making sure we get our facts right and give our neighborhoods a chance to be heard.

Community Involvement and More

We’re all about connecting with our readers. South County Mail isn’t just about delivering news; it’s a place for conversations and building bonds within the community. By using social platforms, online discussions, and events in the area, we stay tight with our readers, from Southern Webster County to the whole country.