3 Best AI to Human Text Converters ( Free & Paid )

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Google’s rankings have changed a lot lately. They can now spot AI-written content better than before. For SEO professionals and writers, it’s super important to make AI text sound like it was written by a person. We’re gonna look at the top tools that do this. Let’s see how good they are, what they cost, how easy they are to use, and what the end result is like.

1. One Click Human

  • Working Probability: Very High
  • Type: Free/$10 per month
  • Learning Curve: Easy
  • Output Quality: 9/10

One Click Human emerges as a leader in converting AI content to indistinguishable human-like text. Its prowess lies not only in rectifying grammatical mistakes but also in maintaining the original formatting of the text. This tool is particularly beneficial for content creators focusing on SEO, guest posting, blogs, and book publishers.

2. Open AI Playground

  • Working Probability: High
  • Type: Paid Option
  • Learning Curve: High
  • Output Quality: 7/10

The Open AI Playground, known for its high working probability, offers a unique approach to text conversion through customizable settings such as Temperature, Frequency, and Presence Penalty. These advanced options enable users to generate content that adeptly evades AI detection, making it a valuable tool for those seeking a higher degree of control over their AI-generated content.

Pro tip: Use the settings below to get best results

Option Setting
Temperature 1
Frequency Penalty 1
Presence Penalty 1
Maximum length 2048

3. Undetectable.AI

  • Working Probability: Medium
  • Type: Paid ($30/month)
  • Learning Curve: Medium
  • Output Quality: 7/10

Undetectable.AI is tailored for those seeking to disguise AI-generated content with a human touch. Utilizing advanced machine learning models coupled with sophisticated text pre-processing and post-processing techniques, this tool is engineered to eliminate traces of AI generation, thereby facilitating seamless integration into human-centric contexts.

Additional Tips to Humanize AI Content

  1. Vary Writing Styles: Experiment with different writing styles, tones, and levels of formality to break the monotony and predictability often associated with AI-generated content.
  2. Introduce Errors: Deliberately incorporating minor errors and deviations from standard grammar can infuse a sense of human authenticity into the text.
  3. Combine Ideas Creatively: Merging AI suggestions with personal insights, analogies, and experiences can create a unique blend that resonates more with human writing.
  4. Use Specific References: Adding details about specific locations, events, or personal anecdotes can enhance the originality of the content, making it less generic and more human-centric.
  5. Insert Interactive Elements In Your Content: Incorporating interactive elements such as bullet points, tables, or quizzes into content can significantly reduce the likelihood of AI detection. While this method may not be foolproof on its own, it serves as an effective complement to other humanization techniques.
  6. Rewrite And Edit Or Hire Writers: Transforming AI-generated content through paraphrasing or engaging professional writers ensures authenticity and human quality. Rewriting requires a personal touch and understanding of the subject, whereas hiring writers from platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can provide access to a diverse pool of talent capable of producing high-quality human-written articles.

This article highlights how useful different tools and strategies can be when you want to make AI-generated text look just like it was written by a person. Both authors creating content for work and individuals using it for themselves will find that using these methods improves the quality of their content & gives it a human touch.

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