A New $7.8 Million Affordable Housing Project in Monroe County

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Monroe County’s leader, Adam Bello, has a big $7.8 million plan to help families who don’t earn a lot get homes they can afford. This isn’t just about making more cheap homes available though. It also looks at fixing the problems that stop people from getting these homes right now.


Taking on a Big Problem Right Here at Home

Adam Bello says that not having enough cheap homes is a huge problem everywhere and we need smart ideas and good planning to solve it. He talks about how important it is for all sorts of people involved like renters, property owners, government workers, and builders to work together to come up with ways that last. The county’s focus is helping families looking for less expensive homes and giving landlords reasons to offer these kinds of places.

The county’s big plan to make homes more affordable. They want people to pay less for a place to live.

This is how they’re going to do it, by starting four new projects that help people find homes, makes it easier for them to rent places and gets landlords to fix up empty apartments.

This is the first project, A program called Housing Search Navigator & After Care Program. They want to help 720 people who don’t have much money or have special vouchers, find good places they can afford. The program will give them a hand in looking at different homes, getting around to see them, filling out rental forms and paying for those application fees. Plus, once someone finds a home case managers will keep helping renters and landlords get along smoothly.

Guide that helps during the time you rent a place. This is a plan to give money to landlords and property owners if they let low-income people or folks with vouchers rent their places. They’ll get cash for agreeing, promises of coverage if rent isn’t paid or there’s damage, and money if they introduce new landlords. The goal is to bring 1,500 more places for people to live into the market.

Money to help landlords fix up their properties. Up to 600 apartments can be made ready for renters. Landlords who own 10 or fewer places must accept limits on how much they can raise the rent. This is a move to create peace between tenants and landlords without going to court which can lead to eviction. They will teach more mediators so they can solve issues early on. It aims to help around 250 landlords and tenants keep their living situations stable.

Collaboration and Support. This is about how people work together and help each other. The Monroe County Department of Human Services will take charge of these new projects. They are already a part of many groups that try to help the community like the Rochester Monroe Antipoverty Initiative Housing Working Group.

Working hard to make sure people have homes that are safe good to live in always. Malik D. Evans the Mayor of Rochester talks well about how the county is doing things. He says it’s really important that the city and county work closely together to solve housing problems. Thalia Wright who leads the Monroe County Department of Human Services talks about how important it is for housing to be cheap enough for everyone and easy for them to get into.

Aqua Porter who runs RMAPI sees how hard the housing crisis hits people living here. But she believes strongly that these new plans which come from working together can really change things for better for those living in the county. This is also about taking a step towards something better.


A Step Towards Stability

In Monroe County, finding cheap places to live is getting really tough because prices are going up. The county has a plan for $7.8 million that’s super important. It’s meant to help fix the problem of not enough affordable houses for everyone. This plan does several things at once, it helps people who are looking for a home, it makes it more appealing for people to rent out their homes, and it gets different groups who care about this issue to work together. By doing all this, the county is showing others how you can deal with big problems like this by getting the whole community involved.

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