Brentwood Tax Money Conundrum: A $1.2 Million Dilemma

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In a puzzling financial situation, the City of Brentwood, Missouri, finds itself in possession of $1.2 million in tax money, originally sent by St. Louis County. This situation arose from a miscalculation in the distribution of the countywide 1% sales tax in 2022. Brentwood, recognizing the error, has already returned a significant portion of the funds but is now left with a substantial amount and uncertainty about its rightful ownership.

Miscalculated Tax Distribution

The issue began when Brentwood received approximately $7 million from St. Louis County, a figure that immediately raised concerns among city officials. It was identified that the money was mistakenly sent to Brentwood as part of a state-mandated process where the state collects sales tax and then instructs the county to distribute it to municipalities. Upon realizing this anomaly, Brentwood took proactive steps, returning $5.7 million to St. Louis County. However, the remaining $1.2 million is still a subject of dispute and uncertainty.

Statements from Key Stakeholders

St. Louis County Councilman Mark Harder expressed his concerns regarding the situation, which he initially brought up during budget meetings the previous year. Harder highlighted the lack of clarity and transparency in resolving this issue, stating that he never received a straight answer from the administration about where the money went, why the mistake occurred, and what measures are being taken to rectify it.

Responses from Brentwood and St. Louis County

St. Louis County Executive’s Office: Spokesman Doug Moore provided an update, noting that the county council had approved new software to assist with the redistribution of sales tax. He mentioned that the county is working closely with Brentwood to resolve the overpayment issue. 

City of Brentwood: A representative issued a statement indicating Brentwood’s readiness to pay any additional amount that may be deemed appropriate, pending an accurate accounting determination.

The Ongoing Financial Impasse

The current scenario leaves both Brentwood and St. Louis County in a difficult position. Councilman Harder emphasized the urgency of resolving this matter, as both entities have bills and services that require funding. The need to direct the money to its rightful place is imperative to ensure the continuation of services that residents rely on.

Implications and Future Actions

This financial confusion not only affects the immediate budgeting of Brentwood and St. Louis County but also raises questions about the efficiency and accuracy of tax distribution mechanisms. The adoption of new software by the county council suggests a move towards improving these processes. However, the resolution of this particular case remains crucial for both Brentwood and the county’s financial management.


The Brentwood tax money situation serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in governmental financial management and the importance of accurate accounting and communication between different levels of government. As the city and the county work towards a solution, the outcome of this dilemma will likely influence future policies and procedures in handling tax distributions.

For more information on tax distribution and financial management in local governments, interested readers can visit Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for resources and insights.

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