Central Illinois Faces Extreme Cold and Snowfall: Weather Update

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A severe weather phase typified by perilously freezing temperatures and considerable snowfall is currently happening in Central Illinois. This report presents an in-depth assessment of what is happening with the weather through the integration of the most recent updates from several different sources.

Severe Cold and Wind Chills

A wind chill warning was officially issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for Central Illinois, encompassing Peoria. It will be in force from Saturday night until Tuesday afternoon. There are potentially hazardous conditions, as stated by meteorologist Ed Shimon, with wind chills plummeting as low as -32 degrees in certain locales. Frostbite on exposed skin might happen within 30 minutes in such powerful cold.

Key Points:

  • Wind Chill Warning from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon.
  • Wind Chill Watch from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.
  • Expected wind chills between -20 to -32 degrees.
  • Nighttime low temperatures ranging from 5 to -15 degrees.

Precautions and Warming Centers

Warming centers have been established by the Peoria and East Peoria administrations to accommodate people who require refuge from the extremely cold temperatures. These centers may be found at the EastSide Center, the East Peoria Civic Plaza, the Peoria Police Department, and the Peoria Fire the Department stations. It is recommended that residents prevent their time spent outdoors and take safeguards.

Snowfall and Weather Conditions

Prior to the onset of the cold wave, Central Illinois experienced significant snowfall, with Peoria receiving 2.4 inches and higher amounts in nearby areas. Additional snowfall is expected, with a forecasted 2 inches by Saturday morning. The combination of snow and strong winds, reaching up to 47 MPH, could lead to blizzard-like conditions in some areas.

Recent Snowfall Data:

  • Peoria: 2.4 inches
  • Washington: 2.5 inches
  • Morton: 3 inches
  • Dunlap: 2.1 inches
  • Toulon: 5.5 inches
  • Metamora: 5 inches

Additional Precipitation and Travel Advisory

It has been forecast that the entire region will see a wintry mix that will turn to snow by the evening of Friday. Matt Holiner, a meteorologist, expecting mild to moderate snowfall at this point in the season. Snow and rain—up to 1.5 inches in some places—will undoubtedly make for hazardous vehicle conditions. It shouldn’t be attempted to travel at this time since there is the possibility of slippery roads and decreased visibility.

Preparation for Extreme Weather

The United Methodist Church and other Central Illinois organisations are getting ready for a surge of people in need of shelter. For example, the Cold Cots program of The Salvation Army in Decatur has increased its hours to provide continuously shelter during this coldest season. These campaigns play a crucial part in maintaining the protection and prosperity of people that are disproportionately vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

Health Advice from Experts

Medical professionals, such as Memorial Care Urgent Cares’ Clinical Director, Dr. Anna Richie, motivate residents to make the most of as little time outside as possible. If you must be surroundings, dress in layers and cover your extremities to avoid hypothermia, which can cause sense of disorientation slurred speech, and exhaustion. Precautions are necessary since catching a cold can have serious consequences for one’s health.

Community Response and Support

The community is encouraged to support local shelters and emergency services. Donations of essential items, including travel-size necessities and new cots, are requested to aid those in need. Community drives and individual contributions can make a significant difference in these challenging times.

Forecast for the Coming Days

According to the NWS predictions, the extremely cold is expected to persist until Tuesday, following which there will likely be an average rise in temperature. As things change, residents are urged to remain aware and organized. The severe weather illustrates how crucial it is for communities to be prepared and have support networks in place for when disasters from nature strike.


The current weather situation in Central Illinois is a stark reminder of the power of nature and the need for preparedness. As the community braces for continued cold and snow, the importance of staying informed, taking precautions, and supporting each other cannot be overstated.

For more detailed weather updates and safety tips, visit the National Weather Service Central Illinois website.

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