Empowerment and Wellness Together at the 3rd Wonder Woman Wellness Conference

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The city of Monroe is getting ready for a special event that’s all about women’s empowerment and wellness. The 3rd Wonder Woman Wellness Conference, happening on March 9, is set to offer a great time full of motivation, support with each other, and ways to take care of yourself. This gathering is from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon at the Opportunity Center inside the Arthur Lesow Community Center, located at 120 Eastchester. It’s a shining light for women who are 18 or older.


A Full Day of Inspiration from Women

This conference was started back in 2022 by Stephanie Kasprzak, the boss of the Monroe County Opportunity Program, together with LaTonya Garth. In no time, it turned into a key event during March’s Women’s History Month. “It’s run by women for women,” Kasprzak points out, highlighting how the event really works hard to create a place where women of different lives can meet up for a day of being strong and powerful.


Diverse Offerings for Every Woman

This year, the conference is all about selfcare and wellness. It boasts an impressive roster of 10 female speakers, various vendors, writers, food providers, a DJ, yoga teachers, and massage professionals. “They are all women, self-made and self-supported,” says Kasprzak with obvious pride, underscoring the event’s focus on female empowerment.


Leah’s Story A Survival Journey

A particularly moving part of this year’s conference is the story of Leah O’Connor. Her journey as a survivor of domestic abuse is a testament to the strength and resilience of women. Her account will surely inspire attendees and highlight the importance of personal triumph over adversity.

Keynote Speaker, A Message of Self-worth

Pastor Donna Stallings is our keynote speaker. She’ll present a moving talk she’s titled “I Am Enough.” LaTonya Garth picked her to speak because Stallings’ words hit home. Her speech aims to make listeners see their own value and potential. This is exactly what the conference is all about, motivating folks to reach for the stars, while firmly rooted in selflove and inner strength.


Ticket Information and Attendance

The first wave of free tickets went quickly, but if you’re keen to join us, you can still get your hands on some.

For a small fee of $10, they have made the event more inclusive as interest has soared, with numbers reaching 300. “With so many people coming about 300 now they’ve started to charge. Right now, it’s $10 per person to enter,” Kasprzak states.


The Energy of Empowerment

About 200 people came to last year’s conference, with the crowd mostly women but also including a few men. What Kasprzak loves most is the “pure energy in the room.” She credits this vibe to her team up with Garth and the collective enthusiasm of those who come along. This buzz, she says, is what turns the Wonder Woman Wellness Conference into a reality, making it a perfect fit for Women’s History Month celebrations.


Empower your Wellbeing!

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing suitable for dynamic activities and relaxation exercises throughout the event. They’re also invited to bring along any personal wellness items thermit and wellness.

A Comprehensive Wellness Experience

The Wonder Woman Wellness Conference isn’t just a bunch of talks – it’s a full-on experience that aims to rejuvenate your mind, body, and celebration, but a powerful step in the direction of personal growth and community building. It’s sure to be a highlight of the year for those dedicated to improving their health and happiness.

Celebrating Women’s History Month means honoring the grit, power, and grace of women from every background. The conference centers on looking after we, staying healthy, and supporting each other, pushing everyone to tap into their own superheroine powers.


Building a Community of Wonder Women

The Wonder Woman Wellness Conference isn’t just about learning. it’s about connecting with others who have similar interests. It’s the perfect place for women to swap stories, gain knowledge from peers, and create a supportive network centered around wellness and selfcare. This community aspect is key to the conference, encouraging women to help one another on the path to better health.


Looking Forward

The excitement is mounting as the Wonder Woman Wellness Conference draws near. Everyone is gearing up for a day filled with motivation and the chance to empower each other. The event is more than just a celebration. it’s an opportunity for every attendee to grow and shine.


The 3rd Annual Wonder Woman Wellness Conference shines a light on hope and strength, giving women a chance to unite in honor of their shared power and possibilities. Those going can’t wait for a day loaded with motivational speeches, interactive sessions, and deep connections. As a vibrant symbol of taking care of oneself, being healthy, and the value of fellowship, the event stands ready in Monroe. An empowering day is on the horizon, sure to make a real difference for everyone involved.

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