Attorneys General Advocate for FDA Measures Against Toxic Elements in Baby Food

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Attorney General Kwame Raoul joined forces with 20 other attorneys general to push the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action right away. They want to shield babies and young kids from the harmful effects of lead and other dangerous metals found in baby food.

A Strong Push for Change

This group has written a letter to the FDA, demanding quick changes to keep baby food safe. They want the FDA to require all baby foods be tested for lead and other toxins before hitting the shelves. The goal is to catch any dangers early and keep unsafe food away from families.


Alarming Events Lead to Worry

Recent cases of lead poisoning in children have triggered this urgent request; particularly concerning are cinnamon applesauce products from brands like WanaBana, Schnucks, and Weis. Some of these were sold in Illinois and were later found to contain lead, due to a lack of proper testing before sales began. This oversight highlights big safety failures in the industry that makes baby food.


The Toll on People’s Health

The repercussions of these oversights are extensive, with hundreds of children poisoned by lead after eating the tainted applesauce. In Illinois alone, at least sixteen kids have been affected. These numbers show the harm done when safety steps aren’t followed properly.


The recent cases of childhood lead poisoning linked to eating cinnamon applesauce pouches highlight the seriousness of this problem. We must act quickly to fix this.

Consumer Safety Advisory Because of these problems, we’re warning people to be careful and not let children or anyone else eat these recalled items. Throwing them away safely is important to stop anyone from accidentally getting poisoned and to reduce more health dangers.

Regulatory Oversight and Accountability It’s critical to have stronger rules and make companies responsible to stop these kinds of things from happening again. Even though we know that toxic metals in baby food are harmful, the rules from the FDA aren’t good enough right now. This means companies have to decide on their own whether to check for dangerous stuff in their food.

Persistent Advocacy for Reform. The Attorney General, Raoul, is really dedicated to fixing this problem. He has been very active in working with the FDA. In October 2021 and June 2022, Raoul asked the FDA to give clear advice to the baby food industry on how to test for lead and other toxic metals. Even though it hasn’t been easy, Raoul and his group keep fighting for quick measures to protect families from baby food that’s been tainted.

Coalition of Strength and Unity Raoul’s work is supported by other attorneys general including Michigan’s Dana Nessel. Together, they make a strong team that emphasizes how important it is for the FDA to take action and shows that these state leaders want to make sure that babies and young kids are safe.

Putting baby and kid safety first.


Conclusion: It’s Up to All of Us to Keep Our Little Ones Safe

In the face of scary issues like lead poisoning in kids and the danger of toxic metals in baby foods, it’s super important for those in charge to step up and make rules that really protect kids. The FDA needs to listen to the serious requests from legal leaders and put in place strong safeguards to look after our tiny ones. By making safety a top priority and bringing in important changes, we can make sure all kids get food that’s healthy, good for them, and free from harmful stuff. This way, we’re making a better and healthier tomorrow for all children.


This group’s push for firm action by regulators shows that we’re all in this together when it comes to keeping babies and little kids healthy. It’s about making sure they have a safe future ahead.

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