HSMO’s Major Rescue Operation in Stone County

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The Cruelty Against Animals Task Force of the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) has taken measures in a major rescue campaign to save 55 dogs from horrible circumstances in Stone County, Missouri. This operation represents a critical endeavor in the state’s preservation and rescue missions since it also disclosed the untimely demise of twenty other animals. 

Details of the Rescue Operation

The rescue operation unfolded on January 19, 2024, in frigid temperatures. The Animal Cruelty Task Force found the animals in a state of severe neglect: 

  • Rescued Animals: 55 dogs, mostly large-breed mixes 
  • Deceased Animals: 15 dogs and 5 goats 
  • Conditions on Site: Dogs found severely malnourished, without food, water, or shelter, and living among the carcasses of deceased animals 

Adult dogs were chained or tied to fencing or trees, while younger dogs were huddled together in an outdoor pen. The exact cause of death for the deceased animals remains unclear, but starvation or freezing is suspected.

Response and Intervention

The operation was prompted by calls from concerned residents and the Stone County Sheriff’s Office. The swift response by the HSMO’s team was critical given the dangerously cold temperatures and the dire conditions the animals were found in. 

Emergency Response: Calls from residents and the Sheriff’s Office initiated the rescue 

Conditions at Rescue: Temperatures in the teens, with animals lacking necessities

Immediate Care and Legal Action

The rescued dogs were transported to HSMO’s Macklind headquarters in St. Louis for emergency veterinary treatment and health evaluations. Meanwhile, the property owner was taken into custody by the Stone County Sheriff’s Office. 

  • Immediate Care: Health evaluations and emergency veterinary treatment at HSMO’s headquarters 
  • Legal Action: Property owner arrested by Stone County authorities 

HSMO President Kathy Warnick expressed deep concern over the situation, stating, “The fact that these animals have had to suffer and that so many animals died from living without food or shelter is devastating.”

Community Support and Recovery

As the rescued animals begin their journey to recovery, the HSMO is calling on the community for support: 

Donations Needed: Blankets, newspapers, dog toys, beds, and financial contributions 

Recovery Process: Animals will receive care and be evaluated for eventual adoption 

How to Help: Donations can be made at HSMO’s Rescue Page  

The canines will be put up for adoption by the group on a case-by-case basis assuming their behavioral evaluation and clear health report. Although an exact date for the adoption of these puppies is undetermined, those who are interested can keep an eye on the HSMO website for advancements.

Reporting Animal Cruelty and HSMO’s Role

The Humane Society of Missouri urges the public to report any cases of animal danger, neglect, or abuse to local police and HSMO’s Animal Cruelty Hotline. 

  • Report Abuse: Call 314-647-4400 for HSMO’s Animal Cruelty Hotline 
  • HSMO’s Efforts: Annual response to over 10,000 reports of abuse/neglect, aiding more than 20,000 animals 

With its wealth of experience and expertise, the Animal Aggression Task Force works with the judicial system and law enforcement to look into and punish incidents involving animal abuse.

About the Animal Cruelty Task Force of the Humane Society of Missouri

In the US, the HSMO’s ACT is an acknowledged leader in animal rescue and disaster relief. Their work has spanned the St. Louis Metropolitan area and Missouri for more than 40 years, demonstrating the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for the abuse and neglect of dogs. 

For further information and to support their cause, visit the Humane Society of Missouri website.

Contact Information

  • Report Animal Abuse: 314-647-4400 
  • Donations: 314-951-1542 
  • General Inquiries: Patrick Barry, BYRNE PR at 314-540-3865 

This rescue operation by the HSMO not only highlights the plight of animals suffering from neglect but also underscores the critical role of community support and intervention in addressing such situations. The efforts of the HSMO’s Animal Cruelty Task Force are a testament to the ongoing fight against animal cruelty and the importance of providing a second chance to these vulnerable animals.

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