Jersey County’s Sales Tax Contributions in Illinois

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In October 2023, Jersey County residents contributed significantly to Illinois’ sales tax revenues, ranking 49th in the state. This position marks a slight improvement from the previous month when the county was 51st. Jersey County paid $374,169 in sales tax worldwide in October, an approximate increase above the $366,870 paid in September 2023. The state and county’s overall economic developments are reflected in this variation in sales tax reimbursements.

Composition of Sales Tax Revenue

The sales tax revenue in Jersey County for October 2023 comprised several components, with the County School Facility Tax accounting for the largest share. Below is the breakdown of the sales tax composition:

  • County School Facility Tax: 45.1%
  • Special County Retailers Occupation Tax: 33.7%
  • Countywide Sales Tax: 13.6%
  • County Sales Tax: 7.6%

Detailed Analysis of County Sales Tax

Specifically focusing on the County Sales Tax, Jersey County residents paid $28,387 in October 2023. This figure represents a 2.1% increase from the previous month, where the collection was $27,813. The entire amount of County Sales Tax generated in the last year was $377,511. One important source of support for county governments is the County Sales Tax, which goes toward maintaining construction and other government services like education. In Illinois, the average rate of County Sales Tax is approximately 8.2%.

Monthly Variations in County Sales Tax Collection

An analysis of the monthly collections of County Sales Tax in Jersey County over the last year reveals fluctuating patterns:

  • October: $28,387 (2.1% increase from September)
  • September: $27,813
  • August: $30,240
  • July: $31,712
  • June: $32,574
  • May: $30,559
  • April: $34,715
  • March: $27,691
  • February: $32,269
  • January: $37,348
  • December 2022: $30,609
  • November 2022: $33,594

Illinois’ Taxation Context

According to a Wallet Hub investigation, Illinois has the highest taxes in the nation as a whole right now, approximately 39.83% which is higher than the national average. Jersey County citizens, like others living beyond the state, are adversely affected by this high tax rate.

Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Tax Policies

J.B. Pritzker, the governor of Illinois and an extremely wealthy entrepreneur who has been the target of condemnation for his tax organization policy Pritzker is accused of introducing more than $5.2 billion in new or higher tax rates since taking office in early 2019. His wealth has been discussed in relation to these increases in taxes and is mainly attributable to his family’s relationships and organizations.

Implications and Perspectives

The sales tax data from Jersey County offers insight into the broader economic health of the region. The fluctuations in tax collections, particularly in County Sales Tax, indicate the dynamic nature of the local economy. These statistics are crucial for policymakers and stakeholders in understanding the financial landscape and planning accordingly.

Future Outlook

As Jersey County navigates through the economic challenges posed by high taxation, it remains to be seen how these trends will evolve. The community’s ability to adapt and respond to these financial demands is key to its future growth and stability.

For a more detailed analysis and current updates on Illinois tax policies and rates, visit the Illinois Department of Revenue website.

The ongoing debate around taxation in Illinois, especially under Governor Pritzker’s administration, continues to be a topic of interest for residents and analysts alike. The economic policies adopted by the state will significantly influence the fiscal trajectory of counties like Jersey and the well-being of their residents.


In summary, the sales tax transactions made by Jersey County in October 2023 are the result of a complicated interaction involving both economic and political forces. At the county and state levels, efficient budgetary leadership and governance depend on an understanding of these processes.

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