Joe Kelly’s Net Worth in 2024

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As of 2024, Joe Kelly’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

Joe Kelly, an American baseball pitcher, was born June 9th, 1988, in Anaheim, California. He’s made good money playing in the Major Leagues. His dad loved football and baseball, and that got Joe interested in sports early on.

Joe Kelly’s Net Worth Timeline (2019-2024)

Year Net Worth
2019 $9 million
2020 $10 million
2021 $11 million
2022 $12 million
2023 $15 million
2024 $15 million

Early Years and Education

  • He went to Corona High School and was pretty good at both football and baseball.
  • He was named Big VIII League Player of the Year twice because he played so well.
  • After high school, he stuck with baseball, going to UC Riverside to get better.

Professional Career and Success

Joe started his pro career when the St. Louis Cardinals picked him in the 2009 MLB draft. He’s got amazing pitching skills that have made him a big name in the league. This talent has helped build his $15 million net worth.

Investments and Assets

Apart from baseball money, Joe’s got some smart investments. He’s put cash into properties and stocks. He owns a fancy house in Southern California worth around $4 million and a bunch of cool sports cars which beef up what he owns.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

But Joe doesn’t just play ball – he’s also into helping others. He supports Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and The Jimmy Fund. Outside of charity, he’s got a happy home life too; he’s married to Ashley Parks and they’ve got two kids.

Achievements and Future Projections

Having lots of money isn’t the only thing that shows Joe Kelly’s success – it’s also about how dedicated and skilled he is at baseball.

Joe Kelly’s smart money moves and his steady success in his career mean he’s probably going to get even richer as time goes on.


How much is Joe Kelly worth?

Currently, in 2024, Joe Kelly’s got a net worth of $15 million.

Which charities does Joe Kelly help out?

He’s involved with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and The Jimmy Fund.

How large is Joe Kelly’s family?

Joe Kelly and his spouse, Ashley Parks, have two kids.

Featured image: Dodger Nation, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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