Marshall Police Department’s Search for Runaway Juvenile – David Noamesi

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In a recent occurrence in Marshall, the community has been informed about the urgent problem as local officials have begun the hunt for a juvenile runaway. In an effort to find David Noamesi, 15, the Marshall Police Department is violently looking for data and backing from the public.

Details of the Missing Juvenile

In the afternoon of Friday, January 12, 2024, a fugitive from Marshall named David Noamesi was reported. His absence from town triggered worries in the surrounding community and led to immediate action from the police.

Physical Description and Last Seen

Age and Physical Stature: David is 15 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighs approximately 170 pounds. 

Distinctive Features: He has short brown hair and green eyes, making him relatively identifiable. 

Last Known Outfit: When last seen, David was wearing gray shorts, a black t-shirt, and Nike slides, a casual attire that might blend in with typical teenage fashion.

Community Involvement and Police Appeal

The Marshall Police Department has emphasized the importance of community involvement in locating David Noamesi. They have issued a public appeal, encouraging anyone with information about David’s whereabouts to come forward.

Contacting Authorities

Telephone Contact: Anyone with relevant information is encouraged to contact the Marshall Police Department at 660-886-7411. 

Email Communication: Additionally, tips or leads can be sent via email to [email protected].

Importance of Public Vigilance

In conditions when youngsters go missing, those first hours are significant. The Marshall Police Department demonstrates the important role of public vigilance and fast transmission of any sightings or leads that might lead to David’s safe homecoming.

Observation and Reporting: Residents are urged to keep an eye out for David, particularly in local areas he may frequent. 

Sharing Information: Spreading the word, especially on social media platforms, can significantly increase the chances of locating missing juveniles.


The David Noamesi case serves as a significant illustration of the importance communities play in guaranteeing the security and well-being of its members, primarily the younger ones. To ensure David arrives home safely, the Marshall Police Department is still in charge of the search and continues to rely on the community’s combined efforts. Please visit the National Center for Child Missing and Exploited for extra information, including updates, on missing individuals along with how to help in such examples.

Call to Action

The people of Marshall and the neighboring counties are being asked to stay vigilant and report any information that can lead to David Noamesi’s position. The community’s participation with law enforcement is critical for securing the missing juvenile’s safe and speedy return.

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