Missouri House Mulls Over Cash for Radioactive Waste Tests

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Focus on St. Louis

Towns around St. Louis might be able to ask for radioactive waste checks pretty soon, if Missouri’s House Bill X keeps moving forward. This bill wants to put $300,000 into a fund for studying radioactive trash that hasn’t been used in a while. It offers a bit of hope to places that have been dealing with old pollution problems.


Money for a Program Without Cash

Recently, the Missouri House Conservation and Natural Resources Committee got an earful about this bill, which looks to kick-start a fund made six years back but didn’t see any money till now. The fund got the green light back in 2018 but no cash came its way. Yet, if the new bill gets through, it will pour some seriously needed cash into finding and fixing possible radioactive troubles in the area.


Tackling Old Garbage Woes

State Rep Mark Matthiesen from O’Fallon, part of the GOP, underlined how critical this is. He talked about how old waste from the Manhattan Project is all over the place. Over time, people traded radioactive materials and they ended up in different spots, leaving contamination we’re not really sure about. Matthiesen pointed out its key to check places out before they get worse for folks living nearby.

A Problem That Won’t Quit

The St. Louis region has been dealing with leftovers from World War II, when the city was big into the Manhattan Project. They refined uranium downtown and then moved the waste to different spots across St. Louis and St. Charles counties. This mess has hit parks, lakes, and streams like Coldwater Creek pretty bad.


Cleanup Countdown

Even though there’s cleanup happening, some places around there won’t be totally rid of the mess anytime son.

It’s not until 2038, nearly a hundred years after we knew the risks, that Coldwater Creek will be clean. The US Army Corps of Engineers is in charge of fixing up the creek that runs through the suburbs once hit by radioactive waste.


Problems and Pollution

Sorting out this mess is tough because it started in many ways. Radioactive stuff from the airport was sold to Hazelwood and kept leaking into Coldwater Creek. The Cotter Corp mixed things up trying to get rid of waste at a quarry in Weldon Spring or right there but ended up illegally throwing it in the West Lake Landfill.

EPA’s Part and People Watching

The EPA’s been knocked for how they’re handling things. People and politicians want them to be clearer and own up to what’s happening. Even with some plans made for cleaning up the West Lake Landfill, things are dragging and it’s bothering folks around there.

Demand for Action

Paula Brown, who’s a Democrat in Hazelwood, says we’ve got to keep testing and cleaning the area; new info on how bad the contamination is just came out. She’s telling other leaders they’ve got to back this bill to start fixing a big, old environmental problem.


Missouri’s looking at putting cash toward checking for radioactive waste as St. Louis tries to deal with long-term pollution. With more clean-up work and folks paying attention, it’s clear we need to be on top of finding and dealing with these dangers fast. Now, everyone’s waiting for the state officials to make a move.

The Fate of House Bill X

If House Bill X passes, it could be a big deal for the fight against radioactive waste in the area.

World War II left its mark on St. Louis with atomic damage still felt today. The threat of radioactive mess looms large, and people are dealing with what happened a long time ago and companies not doing the right thing. There’s a real need to check things out properly and clean up where needed—and now they might get the money for it. If they can get their hands on this new funding, they can really start tackling the dangerous spots. But the bills still got to make it through all the hoops before it’s a sure thing. For now, folks living in the middle of this old toxic problem are pushing hard for someone to take responsibility and get moving on fixing it.

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