Missouri Senator Caleb Rowden Steps Down from Secretary of State Contest

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Unexpectedly, Missouri’s politicos got a shocker when State Senator Caleb Rowden declared he wouldn’t be vying for the role of Secretary of State or pursuing any political position this year. His statement emerged during a chaotic legislative period taking place in Jefferson City, featuring hefty bouts within the Republican ranks and personal skirmishes involving Rowden and the Missouri Freedom Caucus.

Known as a key player in the state’s governance due to his position as Senate President Pro Tem, Rowden shared his decision on social media. He pondered over how much the realm of politics has transformed since he entered back in 2012. He pointed out that there‚Äôs been a drastic change from what was once a common ground approach, where seeking agreement was valued and strived fora practice, he believes is no longer celebrated or encouraged today.


A Shift in Political Climate

“Politics and public life look things have changed since I got into politics,” Rowden noted, pointing out how talking about politics and finding agreement has gotten harder. These shifts made him think twice about what’s next for him and his loved ones.

Rowden began his political path with a seat in the Missouri House in 2012, following his days as a Christian rock performer. He made the jump to the Missouri Senate in 2016 and is wrapping up his second stint of four years. Throughout his time, Rowden tried to connect people and encourage teamwork, despite growing divides.


Family Comes First

Taking a step back wasn’t an overnight decision for Rowden. It grew from heart-to-heart conversations with his wife and kin. At first, they thought running for Secretary of State was the right move for their f

After thinking it over and talking with his family, he realized he was wrong. “I’m surer than ever that stepping down is the best choice for me and my family at this time,” he said, highlighting that his family and personal life take precedence over his political goals.

Rowden quitting is a big deal not just because of his high-profile role in the Missouri Senate, but also because he had a lot of money for his campaign. He had more than $400,000 in his campaign bankroll and fundraising committee in January. His exit now leaves a large void in the GOP primary lineup.


The Remaining Field and Political Landscape

The Republican race for Secretary of State looks different with Rowden out of the picture. Now there are newcomers as well as seasoned politicos vying for the spot. This group includes Valentina Gomez, who’s a real estate investor, Shane Schoeller, the Greene County Clerk. state Sen. Denny Hoskins. and state Rep. Adam Schwad.

On the Democratic side, candidates Monique Williams and state Rep. Barbara Phifer are in competition to get their party’s nod.

In his time as a Senator, Rowden has dealt with disputes within his own party. Early on, it was with the conservative wing, and lately with Missouri’s branch of the Freedom Caucus. Earlier this year, he kicked out four Freedom Caucus members from their leadership roles on committees. This move has put him under a lot of scrutiny and led to some local Republican groups demanding he step down as leader of the Senate.


Looking Forward

Rowden is mulling over his past service and what politics looks like today. He’s not sure if things will return to working together more often. These days, he’s putting his energy into being there for his family, understanding how important it is to support them as they grow and chase their dreams.

The fact that Rowden isn’t running again is a big deal.

A critical time has come in Missouri’s political scene, indicating a time of change and second thoughts for many in the state’s Republican party. With the deadline to file for office getting close, everyone is watching to see how this news will affect the Secretary of State race and the overall political scene in Missouri.

With an eye towards what’s next, Rowden stepping back from politics will make waves throughout Missouri. It’s going to make people think about what it means to serve the public, how much family matters, and how American politics keeps changing.

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