Monroe County Sees More Bed Bug Problems

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The Health Department in Monroe County is sounding the alarm over a rise in bed bug cases throughout the area, especially in places with lots of people like apartments and hotels. They’re giving us the lowdown on how these critters get into our homes and what we can do to kick them out.


Bed Bug Cases on the Rise

In the past few weeks, there’s been a noticeable climb in bed bug incidents reported to Monroe County’s Health Department way more than in past months. Kelsey Hanson, who’s a head nurse over there, is pretty worried. She says, “There are definitely more calls coming in about bed bugs that people are picking up around town, mostly from buildings where everyone’s living all bunched up together like apartments and hotels. And cause they all share walls and air systems…”

In apartment buildings and electrical systems, if bugs invade one place, nearby spots are more likely to get hit too.


Sources and Prevention Strategies

Buying used furniture is a common way for bedbugs to spread. Hanson recommends being careful, “Bringing secondhand stuff home without cleaning it well can invite bedbugs in. They tend to hitchhike from one location to another like this.”


Identification of Infestations

Finding an infestation early makes getting rid of bedbugs way easier. Folks should watch out for live bugs, dead skin, and eggs that you usually find on beds. But these critters might also hide in dark spots in your furniture, cupboards, or woodwork.


Expert Advice on Detection and Removal

Mary Cameron, an insect expert at the London School of Hygiene, Dr. Jane Smith from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine talks about where bed bugs like to hide, “Bedbugs aren’t just in beds. They tend to scurry off into dark nooks after they eat, for example, inside the drawers of your nightstand or behind the headboard.” She points out that if you can see bedbugs during the day, it likely means there’s a lot of them.

If you think you might have an infestation, experts in Monroe County suggest a few ways to get rid of them,

Wash and dry clothing on high heat destroys bedbugs in textiles.

Regularly vacuum and steam clean furniture gets rid of bedbugs and their eggs.

Throw away clutter reduces places where bedbugs can hide.


Health Outcomes and Mental Effects

Even though bedbugs don’t spread diseases, their bites can cause sores, allergic responses, and sometimes severe skin infections if scratched too much. Besides those physical problems, dealing with an infestation can mess with your head too.

Bedbugs and their effects on your health can really mess up your day-to-day life, like making you more anxious or messing with your sleep.


Wider Impact and Responses

Monroe County isn’t alone it’s part of a worldwide increase in bedbug issues. Even Paris has had more bedbugs lately, and folks are worried these critters might hitch a ride to other big places like London.


Local Initiatives and Community Resources

In Monroe County, the Environmental Health team is getting special training to spot bedbugs and teach people how to deal with them. David Cain, who started a company called Bed Bugs Limited, said there’s been a huge jump in bedbug cases in the last two decades they’re basically everywhere now.”

If you live in the county and need help or want some expert advice on getting rid of pests, the Monroe County Environmental Health office is here to lend a hand. They’ve got plenty of information and can point you towards the right professionals for pest control.



The return of bed bugs in our area is a serious health matter that we need to tackle right away. Everyone in the community must stay informed, keep an eye out, and follow the advice given by experts to prevent and treat infestations. If you’ve got more questions or need to let someone know about a bed bug issue, give the folks at Monroe County Environmental Health a call at 7342407900. Their team is on standby to give extra help and support.

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