Monroe County Residents Take Care with Water Pollution Worries

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People living in Monroe County are being very careful since a diesel spill happened last week. This accident caused pollution in the North Branch of the Ottawa River. Right now, cleanup work is going on. The Monroe County Health Department (MCHD) plans to start testing the water on Tuesday for about 45 houses in the areas that got hit.

Figuring Out What Went Wrong

Local leaders said that the spill came from a faulty diesel tank under a Pilot gas station at Ottawa Lake. They think it broke down and let diesel get out, which made the water nearby dirty.

The MCHD quickly got to work, checking how bad the pollution was and trying to stop it from harming people’s health. They jumped into action fast because they needed to look after everyone’s wellbeing and protect nature too.


Starting Water Tests

Chris Westover, who’s in charge of Environmental Health at MCHD, explained how they test the water. They’re being proactive to keep drinking water safe. Residents most affected are getting letters by hand with important details about water tests that start on Tuesday.


Sampling Protocol

City workers will take water samples from outside taps to avoid bothering homeowners too much. But sometimes, they might need to go inside if, there’s no tap outside a different water source is hooked up to the outside tap.

If there’s a filter or treatment system for the water on the property, a sample needs to be taken before it goes through this process.

Westover promised fast sampling and tries to hit every home that was listed within their set time frame. The main point is to collect enough good data to understand what’s really going on with the water.

To find out how much pollution is there and to start cleaning it up.

Community Concerns and Precautions

Folks like Greg McGough from Ottawa Lake worry about if their water is safe. Greg uses a special filter for his drinking water but still keeps an eye out, just like many of his neighbors.

Greg’s big on being alert and noticing if something’s off with the water. He tells people to go with their gut and do what they need to in order to keep safe.

Timely Results and Assistance

The MCHD expects to get the lab results from their water tests by Friday at the latest. This fast response lets them check the water quickly and tell people what they should do next.

In the meantime, MCHD’s working together with other groups to tackle the issue head-on.

We’re meeting the needs of locals by sharing cases of bottled water with homes hit by the incident, making sure they have clean drinking water while we clean up.

Outreach and Support

If you live close to the North Branch Ottawa River and use well water, please give your details to MCHD so we can include you in our testing plan. We’re also giving out bottled water and information, which shows how we’re all working together to tackle this problem.

Containment Progress and Future Steps

We’ve mostly managed to keep the spill under control, with quick action and cleanup starting right away. The risk to our tap water is still pretty low, but it’s crucial we keep checking the water quality carefully. This is especially true for people with wells, dependent on well water.



In the wake of the diesel spill, Monroe County is showing its strength and coming together. The leaders are putting public health first, getting people involved, and working with others to lessen any dangers, provide assurance to the community, and help things get back to normal for those hit hardest. They’re staying on top of water tests and keeping the lines of communication open, proving their dedication to their citizens’ safety during tough times.

This incident is a clear wakeup call about how important it is to look after our environment ahead of time. It highlights that we’ve got to have strict rules for handling dangerous stuff. As cleanup goes on, it’ll take everyone being alert and working hand in hand to make sure Monroe County stays healthy and safe in the long run.

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