Monroe County’s Jail Problems, Steady Trouble, Growing Strife

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Officials in Monroe County have caught heat for dragging their feet when it comes to addressing the local jail predicament. Detractors point out it’s been crystal clear for a solid ten years or more that a new correctional facility is a must have. Yet, there’s been no significant movement. The fresh pitch to consider North Park as a possible spot for the new lockup has sparked yet another wave of heated debate and disapproval aimed at the commission’s direction or lack thereof.


Persistent Challenge

For over a decade and a half, calls to modernize the outdated county slammer have become louder. The county’s leaders stand accused of dragging their heels and not getting their act together.


Considering North Park, A Possible Next Home for the Jail?

The current suggestion on the table is to scope out North Park, an area that someone owns located northwest where I69 meets Ind. 45/46 Bypass, for the future home of the jail.

This idea follows a string of previously suggested sites, including the Thomson property…

On the southwest side of the city, some areas were left empty for reasons like bad reviews, the high cost to get the land ready, and possible holdups.


Criticisms and Concerns

Some folks, especially those running against the standing commissioners in the primary elections, have a few worries,

Delayed Action, they say the commissioners have dragged their feet on fixing the jail problem.

Location Concerns, some folks are scratching their heads about whether North Park’s location cuts the mustard, particularly when it comes to getting around and availability of supporting services.

Capacity Debate, People can’t seem to agree on how big the new jail should be. A few are concerned that if they build it too big, there might be more prisoners than necessary.


Official Responses

The commissioners maintain that eying up the North Park spot means they can leap into action faster, assuming they can get their hands on the property.

They reckon that building a place with 400 beds will set them back about $75 million.

According to a study from 2020, there’s an estimate that by 2049 the jail could need room for 450 inmates.

Some folks are thinking about putting some county offices together with the new jail building. If they do it, the price might jump to around $150 million.


Transportation and Support Services

People are worried cause there aren’t many ways to get around or help for folks getting out of jail at the North Park spot. This could make things tough for people who are released.

The jail’s got a sweet spot downtown right now, close to buses and places to get help – something we’d lose if we pack up for North Park.


The Path Forward

There are big choices to make – like how big we build this thing, if North Park is the right place, and whether we tack on office space for other county services.

Over at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Phil Parker is champing at the bit to get this show on the road. He thinks North Park is a good fit for the new digs.


Public and Legal Pressure

The legal director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, Ken Falk, has sounded the alarm about the current jail, pointing out it’s packed, falling apart, and unsafe. There’s been a potential class action lawsuit hanging over their heads, which has been staved off under the condition that steps toward building a new jail are underway.

It’s been sixteen years since those first warnings, and with hardly any movement forward, the threat of the lawsuit is more real than ever.


Critics Weigh In

The slow progress has not gone unnoticed by election challengers,

Jody Madeira, Has taken the commissioners to task for not getting ahead of the issue in the last 15 years.

Steve Volan, Is against the idea of locating the new jail outside of town and champions the use of property the county owns in the city center.

Peter Iversen, Stresses the importance of having the new jail accessible to public transport and close to essential support services.


Commissioners’ Defense

The commissioners insist that they’ve been thorough in their approach. The debate surrounding the construction of Monroe County’s new jail touches on the challenges of addressing community needs, managing public funds, and considering legal and ethical issues. With increasing pressure from legal entities and the community, the commissioners are tasked with making decisions that will have long-term effects on Monroe County. Moving forward involves finding a balance between security, accessibility, and fairness to benefit all local residents.

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