Monroe County Launches New Eclipse Campaign

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There’s a lot of excitement in Monroe County as everyone is getting ready for the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. It’s not every day that the sun gets blotted out by the moon! To help everyone get ready, County Executive Adam Bello started the “Be Aware, Be Prepared, Be There” campaign. It’s all about helping folks know what to expect and how to enjoy this rare sky show safely.


The Big Dark

When the eclipse happens, the moon will cover the sun completely. It will make Rochester go dark from 2,07 p.m. until 4,33 p.m., with the darkest part between 3,20 p.m. and 3,24 p.m. Imagine it, middle of the day and suddenly it’s night! Temperatures will fall, and animals might start acting like its bedtime. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who sees it.


Staying Safe While Enjoying the Eclipse

First:  To make sure everyone has a safe time watching the eclipse, the campaign is telling people.

Be Aware:  Remember the date of the eclipse. Know that it’s not something you see every day.

Be Prepared: Get special glasses with an ISO certification to keep your eyes safe while you look at the sun. Think about the possibility of lots of cars on the roads and figure out your travel plans early.

Be There: Go to specific events or county parks where you can see the eclipse with others. Adam Bello tells everyone to “Pick a Park and Park it.” He means that county parks are great spots for families to enjoy the eclipse in a way that’s safe and relaxing.


Navigating the Day of the Eclipse

With somewhere around 300,000 to 500,000 visitors expected in Western NY and Finger Lakes areas, those in charge are preparing for lots of traffic and maybe some issues with cell phone service. Rochester’s Mayor Evans is telling folks to keep these things in mind as they plan their day.

Try to schedule your activities or chores for a different time to stay away from the busy roads that are expected.

The police in Monroe County are getting ready for the event. They want to make sure that emergency help will still be there for everyone, even if phones and the internet stop working. They’re reminding everyone that you can still call 911 and they’ll have extra support ready for more calls than usual.


Making the Most of the Eclipse Experience

If you live in the area or are just visiting, you’re invited to enjoy the eclipse safely and have a good time doing these things,

Protect Your Eyes, use special glasses made just for watching the eclipse so you don’t hurt your eyes.

Plan for Traffic, After the eclipse is completely over, there might be a lot of cars on the road. Check apps like 511NY to see how bad it is.

Medical Preparations, get your medicine before the eclipse starts and maybe stay near a doctor just in case.

Be Ready to Use Your Facilities, if you might need to use restrooms quickly, know where they are.

Embrace the Special Day, with schools and some places closing early or changing their hours, plan your day with this in mind. Expect more people than usual in public places and possibly slow cell phone service.


A Message to Everyone, choose a Park Then Stay There

The “Choose a Park and Stay There” campaign invites locals to visit one of Monroe County’s 21 lovely parks for viewing the eclipse. These parks are not only secure spots for watching the eclipse but also offer many fun things to do before and after the sky show. It’s an ideal chance for families to get together, have a picnic, and make memories during this special celestial event.


An Unmatched Community Gathering

The total solar eclipse is a rare chance for folks in Monroe County to join in commemorating the marvels of space. It’s an out of the ordinary experience that lifts us out of our everyday lives, feeling amazed and curious is only natural when an event as awe inspiring as a total solar eclipse happens. The local campaign, “Be Aware, Be Prepared, Be There,” is more than just advice for a safe and fun time watching the eclipse it’s also about the sense of community these unique events create.

Monroe County is excited to welcome everyone on April 8, 2024, for a memorable sky spectacle. With good planning and help from the community, the total solar eclipse will be an amazing sight that people will talk about for years. You can “Pick a Park and Park it” or join the fun at planned special events for the eclipse. Monroe County is calling everyone to share in this incredible display. It’s a chance to see the amazing sights our universe has to offer when everything lines up just right.

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