Embracing Inclusion: Decatur’s Bold Statement on ‘Paint the Town Orange’

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In the vibrant community of Decatur in Macon County, a powerful initiative is changing attitudes and encouraging participation and celebration, especially for people with developmental disabilities. The initiative, called Paint the Town Orange, is owned by Macon Resources Inc. Created by. (MRI) is an advocate for the rights and welfare of people with disabilities. The event coincided with the celebration of National Developmental Disability Awareness Month in March and sparked unprecedented support across the community.


Community support

Image Dedication to Orange Town has seen an increase in attendance. From ten businesses the first year to more than 40 this year, the event’s growing footprint is a testament to Decatur’s commitment to standing in partnership with people with developmental disabilities. This growth in support isn’t just about numbers; It represents a deep understanding of the value and humanity of all people, regardless of their abilities.


The choice of orange: the color of hope and warmth

The competition to choose orange as the logo was well thought out and effective. Orange is a color that carries qualities of warmth, strength and kindness associated with the pageant’s mission to highlight the talents and achievements of people with disabilities. Decatur is sending a strong message of support and acceptance by incorporating orange into the city’s visual identity through chain letters, ribbons, and clothing.


Integration and impact

Vision: The visual impact of orange creates a symbol of unity of knowledge and support across the city.

Participation Kits: Complete with orange paper and ribbon, these kits are an expression of solidarity and a way to spread the message of participation.

Education: Information that provides important information on how to promote the participation and empowerment of people with disabilities.


Voices of Change

At the heart of the campaign are people like Karina Hayes, whose personal experiences underscore the importance of recognition and inclusion. She captured the essence of the pageant’s message, saying directly: “Most people look at us like we don’t exist, but we do. We’re only human, just like the rest of you.”


 Importance of the event

MRI President/CEO Amy Bliefnick emphasized the importance of the event, noting that many Macon County residents live with developmental disabilities. This event is an important platform to advocate for the rights of these individuals, celebrate their achievements, and inform society about the positive outcomes of these individuals.


Historical Perspective

Paint the Town Orange is inspired by a rich history of advocacy and awareness dating back to 1987, when President Ronald Reagan recognized Nonviolent Development Month. This tradition serves as an annual reminder of the progress and progress made to ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities and respect as all members of society.


How to Get Involved

Embrace Orange: Wearing or displaying orange in your workplace or home is a powerful incentive.

Education and Advocacy: Use this month as an opportunity to learn more about developmental disabilities and advocate for policies and practices.

Posted Comments: social media and social platforms provide the opportunity to raise awareness and promote others. path for participants.


Finally: Call to Action

Paint the Town the Orange campaign is more than a seasonal festival. This is a clarion call to ensure that inclusivity, compassion and respect for all members of our community are not curtailed. Decatur leads by example and challenges us to think about how we can contribute to the greater community. Whether through small acts of kindness, advocacy, or simply wearing orange, each effort helps the collective move toward acceptance and understanding.


Most importantly, while painting our village orange, let’s also paint our hearts orange with the values ​​of compassion, unity and understanding. Let this event be a beacon of hope and a reminder that every thread in the rich tapestry of humanity has value and beauty, regardless of its color and texture.

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