St. Louis Weather Rollercoaster: From Snowflakes to Sunshine!

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St. Louis is seeing a mix of cloudy skies, cool air, and some recent snow, which means the weather will change a bit over the next few days. Below is what you should look out for.

Current Conditions and Short-Term Forecast

  • Today’s Weather: Expect cloudy skies with the mercury holding steady in the mid-30s. There will be west winds blowing at 5 to 10 mph, humidity’s sitting at about 91%.
  • Tonight: The clouds aren’t going anywhere, and temps will hover around 33°F, with west winds sticking around too.
  • Tomorrow’s Outlook: We’ll see more sun as it turns partly cloudy, and it’ll get a tad warmer, reaching 40°F.

Extended Forecast: A Week of Change

  • Monday: Look out for rain in the afternoon. It’ll stay in the low 40s.
  • Tuesday: Get ready for some rain and snow; by nightfall, it’s all turning to snow. Expect temps around 40°F.
  • Midweek: We’re back to partly cloudy skies with temps still in the low 40s.
  • Weekend Outlook: Friday might bring more snow, leading to a mostly cloudy weekend. And brace yourself, it’s gonna get colder!

Recent Snowfall and Upcoming Weather Events

In St. Louis County, we just got hit with a layer of snow that put down anywhere from a light cover to 2.5 inches. With it came fog and clouds plus those colder temps. Even though it stopped snowing, keep your coat handy – there’s more winter weather, possibly more snow, on the horizon.

Weather Warnings and Advisories

Significant snowfall is likely early next week, with the possibility of accumulations over 5 inches in some areas. This will be accompanied by gusty winds, potentially reducing visibility. Residents should stay informed as the storm’s exact track may still shift, affecting snowfall predictions and travel conditions.

Tips for Residents

  • Stay updated on weather changes, especially regarding the snowstorm early next week.
  • Prepare for potential travel disruptions due to snow and gusty winds.
  • Be mindful of the fluctuating temperatures and dress accordingly.

Keep an eye on local forecasts and stay prepared as St. Louis weathers these changing conditions.

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