Remembering Staff Sgt. Charles Crumlett, A Tragic Loss at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

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The Air Force family and our whole country are grappling with the sad death of Staff Sgt. Charles A. Crumlett from Streamwood, Illinois. He was involved in a fatal accident at work on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska. His death has brought grief to the military, leading us to think about the dangers our service members face and how deeply their losses affect their loved ones and comrades.


A Devoted Airman’s Journey

Staff Sgt. Crumlett started his time in the military on Nov 29, 2016his first step in a vow to serve that led him all over America and eventually to Alaska’s wilds. At Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas, he learned how to be a weapons load crew member job crucial for keeping the Air Force flying high. His training prepared him well for an impressive career that was all about looking after some seriously sophisticated flying machines.


Skilled Work on Advanced Jets

Serving with the 90th Fighter Generation Squadron, Crumlett put in tireless hours maintaining topnotch jets like the F15 Strike Eagles, A10 Warthogs and F22 Raptors. His skillful work and dedication played a key role at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. He helped keep the U.S. Air Force ready for action and their planes flying high.

Although he only got to the base on February 4 of this year, Crumlett made a big splash fast. Lt. Col. Charles Bayne, who’s in charge of the squadron, said everyone felt the sting of losing him. He talked about how willing Crumlett was to lend a hand to other team members fixing planes. Even though he wasn’t there long, he really showed what it means to be part of the Air Force family and left a mark that won’t fade.


Looking Into What Happened

The Air Force is looking into the details surrounding Staff Sgt. Crumlett’s passing. The incident reminds us of the dangers that military staff face, even when not in battle. Investigating this event is a priority for the Air Force, to avoid similar sad events and to protect all who serve.


A Young Life Ended Too Soon

Charles Crumlett was only 25 when he left us too soon. His dad, Mike Crumlett, remembers Charles’s knack for hands-on tasks from working on his Dodge Ram truck to losing himself in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy tales. Charles was known for his storytelling gift and ability to lead, traits that showed he had a promising future both within the military and in civilian life.

Charles’s untimely end is more than just a personal loss. It affects everyone who knew him and serves as a grim reminder of the risks our service members take every day.

Sgt. Crumlett’s death is not only a tragedy for his family, which includes his parents, brothers, and sister. It also deeply affects the Air Force and the country. He earned various honors such as two Air and Space Commendation Medals and an Air Force Achievement Medal. These are a testament to his commitment and expertise.


Honoring Sgt. Crumlett’s Memory

After losing Staff Sgt. Crumlett, the 3rd Wing along with the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson community has rallied together in respect for him. Daily tasks were halted, and squadrons took a break so everyone could mourn and consider the impact of losing one of their own. This collective pause shows how much every person in the service matters and highlights the strong connections between military members.

Col Christopher Tooman who leads the 3rd Maintenance Group, and Col Kevin Jamieson, who is in charge of the 3rd Wing commander came forward with their sympathies talking up how much Crumlett did for their branch the comments from these leaders show a community that, though grieving stands resolved.

Also, in thanks for Crumlett’s hard work and loyalty.


A Final Salute

The passing of Staff Sgt. Charles A. Crumlett is a harsh reminder that being in the military is risky, even when there’s no war. While they’re still looking into how he died, we’re focused on paying tribute to him. We’ll remember his passion, his drive for the best, and how he was such a good friend and teammate.

The Air Force and the country are really sad for Staff Sgt. Crumlett’s loved ones, pals, and fellow soldiers. As we honor him and feel sad about losing him, were dedicated again to what he stood for and what he was fighting for. Everyone will really miss Staff Sgt. Charles A. Crumlett but his story will keep motivating people who knew him as people who’ll want to be like him.

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