Celebrating Tradition and the Cosmos, The Story of Eclipse Malbec

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In the peaceful settings of Sonoma, California, where rows of vines spread like a green carpet under the warm sun, a special wine has emerged. This wine blends the wonders of space with a family’s enduring story. The Tiny Vineyard Wine Company, led by winemaker Joseph Daniel, presents the 2021 Eclipse Malbec. This beverage honors both an anticipated total solar eclipse in 2024 and a legacy of business savvy and zeal.

The Daniel Legacy, From Grocery Store to Vineyard

The tale of Joseph Daniel’s winemaking is about keeping his family’s achievements alive. His ancestors started out in Southern Illinois with Sebastian Daniel back in 1869. This path eventually led to developing Daniel’s Pride, a grocery business kicked off by Joseph’s great-grandfather Bernard Daniel way back in 1892. Though this brand later evolved, history may have moved on, but its spirit of creativity and dedication to top tier quality stuck around.

Joseph reminisced about his yearly trips to see his grandparents in Southern Illinois, saying, “Visiting always hit me hard it showed me the huge effect my family’s company had on folks around there. That really taught me to value being a business owner and lit a fire in me to keep that tradition alive, my own way.”

A Filmmaker’s Unexpected Path to Winemaking

Joseph wasn’t always into wine he started as a documentary maker. But his path changed big time and pretty unexpectedly too. He was filming a doc about winemakers when he started picking up grapes left over from harvests. He tried making his first wine batch in a buddy’s laundry spot and let it get good in an odd choice, their bathroom closet. Surprisingly, this concoction got him a gold at the International Amateur Winemaking Study. Joseph said of this, “It blew my mind. It was obviously meant for me, that winemaking was my destiny.”

The Eclipse Malbec, A Homage to the Stars

The 2021 Eclipse Malbec isn’t just any wine. it’s proof of Joseph’s dedication to the art of winemaking and his wonder at solar eclipses. He’s seen five total eclipses in different parts of the world, and he aimed to bottle up that grandeur seen in the skies. “Eclipses signify a fresh start and amazement for me. Making a wine that reflects this event was my way to honor its splendor,” said Joseph.

Joseph took his cue from the bold taste of Argentinian Malbecs to create the Eclipse Malbec. This wine echoes the richness and layers found in its South American counterparts. The bottle sports a photo taken by Joseph during an eclipse in Argentina, showing off his skills as both a photographer and vintner.

Daniel’s Pride Reborn

In tribute to his family’s business spirit, world, and the shared experiences that unite us. Each sip promises a celebration of unity and a quest for new discoveries.


Complex yet Accessible Flavors

The Eclipse Malbec is crafted with care to ensure it appeals to both connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of wine. It’s constructed with layers of complexity that unravel beautifully on the palate, yet it maintains an approachable profile that welcomes all. Whether you’re celebrating special moments or enjoying everyday pleasures, this wine will enhance your experience.

An Ode to Tradition and Innovation

True to the Daniel family motto ‘Forever Forward’, Joseph has infused this blend with traditional techniques while embracing modern methods. The result is a harmonious combination of old-world charm and contemporary flair a true representation of the brand’s legacy.

A Bright Future for “Daniel’s Pride”

The release of the 2021 vintage is just the beginning for “Daniel’s Pride”. With Joseph at the helm, committed to creating something remarkable, fans can expect future vintages that will continue to encapsulate everything ‘Daniel’s Pride’ stands for, excellence, exploration, and enduring connections.

Joseph Daniel’s story—from filmmaker to acclaimed winemaker, from collecting fallen grapes to crafting an award-winning vintage—is a compelling tale of discovery, passion, and homage. The Eclipse Malbec stands as a symbol of his journey, a celebration of celestial phenomena, and a tribute to the enduring spirit of the Daniel family.

As we raise a glass of this exquisite Malbec to the skies come the 2024 eclipse, let us toast to the wonders of the cosmos, to family legacies that inspire, and to the boundless possibilities that lie in the pursuit of one’s passions.

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