Tiny Homes, A Novel Solution to Homelessness in Mid-Missouri

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In the fight against homelessness, Columbia and Boone County are trying something new they’re looking at tiny homes as a possible solution. They got this idea from Eden Village, a small community of tiny homes in Springfield, Missouri. It has made a big difference for people who’ve been homeless for a long time.


A Closer Look at Eden Village

A group of folks from Columbia and Boone County took a trip to check out Eden Village. People like City Manager De’Carlon Seewood and Police Chief Jill Schlude were part of that group because they wanted to see what was working so well there. Eden Village opened in 2018 and ever since then it’s shown that with the right support, you can really help people who’ve had it tough.


Key Features of Eden Village

Permanent and Affordable Housing, the tiny homes are cozy just 400 square feet each, home provides a fixed place to live with a reasonable monthly rent of $325.

Integrated Support Services, besides a place to stay, residents get access to services like mental health care and help with their personal situations. They live in a secure community that includes a community center and garden.

Community Building, Eden Village aims to form a tight community. People have their own space but are also part of a larger supportive group.

The Impact of Eden Village

Nate Schlueter, who is the main thinker behind the project, has told inspiring stories about how it’s changed lives. Many who lived here have overcome being without homes, proving that giving people housing is key in the fight against homelessness.


Exploring Tiny Homes in Columbia

Ia and Boone County’s fight against homelessness. Sydney Olsen, who speaks for the city, called the visit “helpful.” She pointed out that using the Eden Village idea in our area could be good. Boone County Commissioner Kip Kendrick was also struck by what he saw, voicing his backing. He believes it could really help those who need it.


Broadening the Horizon

Looking into tiny homes is happening at a key time. Columbia is checking out several options for housing people without homes such as pallet shelters. The Eden Village model stands out because it focuses on building a sense of community and offers support, making it an attractive option for Columbia to consider.


A Nationwide Movement

The Eden Village concept isn’t just a one-off. It’s part of bigger trend across the country where communities are turning to tiny houses to help homeless folks. Each place changes up the model a bit, so it works best for their own needs, showing how adaptable and scalable this idea is. This step has shown a light on what can be done, giving those in Columbia a good example to consider.


The Way Forward

Leaders in Columbia and Boone County think over their recent trip and the ideas they picked up. They see that setting up a small house community in Mid-Missouri is more than just an idea it’s possible. This project isn’t only about providing roofs. It’s also about creating communities, lending support, and restoring respect to people who’ve really gone through tough times.

The Springfield Experience, A Case Study

In Springfield, Eden Village has been a real win. The city hasn’t just seen fewer homeless folks, but crimes have dropped near these tiny home spots too. These changes show the big difference Eden Village can make for everyone living nearby.

Addressing Local Needs

This past February, the group trying to end homelessness in Boone County said there were 261 without homes here.

In Boone County, there’s a real need for creative and caring ways to help homeless people. The idea of using tiny homes in Columbia is an active step to deal with this urgent situation.

Engagement and Collaboration

To make the dream of a tiny house community in Mid-Missouri come true, we must work together. This means local government officials, charitable organizations, and people in the area need to join forces. Looking at Eden Village, it’s clear that working together is key to creating lasting solutions for homelessness.


A Vision of Hope

Looking into tiny houses as a fix for homelessness in Mid-Missouri isn’t just about finding a place for people to live. it symbolizes hope. It shows we’re dedicated to solving big issues facing our society by being innovative, kindhearted, and united. As plans progress in Columbia and Boone County, the success of Eden Village in Springfield acts as inspiration, and lights the way to a future where everyone can have a home of their own.

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