Human Skeletal Remains Found in Monroe County Woods

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A set of human bones turned up unexpectedly in the quiet woods by Monroe County Airport. The local police are now working hard to figure out what happened after a hiker found them on March 2, 2024.


Some information:

Where and when, someone found the bones in the trees near Monroe County Airport on March 2, 2024.

How They Found It, A hiker saw the bones and told the police which started their search for answers.

Who’s solving the case: Officers from Monroe County Sheriff’s Office are digging into this case with help from Monroe County Coroner’s Office and some university experts at anthropology from University of Indianapolis. They want to, find out who the person was when they were alive.

This is a look at what led to the discovery of human bones in the area. This is about figuring out how the person died and if someone hurt them on purpose. This is the current update on our search for answers.

Evidence, the first clues suggest that maybe no one hurt this person on purpose. Review of Missing Person Reports, People searching are really looking closely at reports of missing people from the last year. They want to know who this person was and help solve any cases still open.

This is how people living here are helping. The folks at Monroe County Sheriff’s Office want help from everyone. If you know something that might help, please talk to us. You can reach them at (812) 3492727. This is why we care so much about this mystery.

Closure, finding out who this person was…This is a way to give families peace when they’ve been looking for someone who has gone missing. This is about realizing if there’s danger that people need to watch out for.

This is the first step towards demanding fairness if someone finds proof of a crime. We Need Your Help the Sheriff’s Office in Monroe County stresses how important it is everyone to help. No matter how small you think your information might be, it can make a big difference as the officers try to solve who the person was. If You Know Something Here is what you can do, if you have helpful information get in touch with Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 3492727. You Can Stay Secret, if you’d rather not share your name use a tip line that lets you stay unknown.

How We All Can Help Solve the Unknown Helping in cases like this shows how we all play a part in solving mysteries when we find human this is a call for everyone in the neighborhood to come together. human bones are not just for the police to figure out. Everyone needs to help. Here’s what people can do, this is keeping up to date, Watch or read the news so you know what’s happening with the case. This is spreading the word, if you have any tips, speak up. What you know might solve the case.

This is looking out for each other; Tough times can be hard on folks. Be there for those who are hurting so we can all get better.



This is an investigation update, The finding of human bones in Monroe County has started a big effort to find out who it was and how they died. The police, coroner’s office, and science experts are working hard on this mystery. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office needs people to share anything that might help solve it.

This is an investigation It shows how important it is for the public to help out When the investigation goes on, we want to give answers and maybe some peace to families who are hurt this highlight how big a difference people can make when they work with the cops.

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