Illinois getting ready for an amazing cicada show in 2024

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When spring comes around in 2024, Illinois will be where a once in a lifetime nature show happens. Millions of cicadas that have been living under the ground for 17 or 13 years will all come out at once. Both experts and everyday people are really excited about this. Illinois is special because it’s where two different groups of these cicadas, called Brood XIII and Brood XIX, will both come out. This makes Illinois the top place in America to see cicadas.


What’s cool about cicadas

Cicadas are big bugs with red eyes and males that make a lot of noise to attract females. They live under the soil for most of their lives then they all come up together for a short time that you won’t forget.


What’s difference between kinds of cicadas

In Illinois, we see cicadas every summer but in 2024 we’ll see ones that don’t come out as often.

This is a story about unique cicadas that come out every 13 or 17 years. This is quite the event. Brood XIII and Brood XIX show up at the same time in some places in Illinois. This weird thing happens only once every 221 years. Now, let’s talk about why cicadas matter in Illinois.

These bugs, with their loud noise, are super important for where they live. When they come out of the ground they make the soil better. When they die, their bodies are like vitamins for the earth. Their coming back to life is good news for many animals like birds and small creatures who eat these cicadas.

Also, this event in 2024 gets people and scientists pretty excited. It’s a big deal for studying bugs and nature stuff.

People in Illinois are getting ready for these buzzing insects to return. There’s a lot to think about before they arrive. Imagine it as a natural concert, all the cicadas sing together creating this massive sound outdoors!

This is a story about cicadas, and there’s a huge group called Brood XIX that will soon fill the air with a loud but harmless hum everywhere they go. This is an event that the state looks forward to. People are planning educational activities and gatherings so everyone can learn about and celebrate the arrival of these bugs.

Life with cicadas looks like, if you’re in an area where they show up, it’s important to understand how to live alongside these critters without any worry.

They’re not going to hurt you they can’t bite or sting so there’s no need for alarm when they start making noise.

For many, this is more of an interesting experience and even a chance for some learning rather than something bothersome. After the cicadas have come out and lived their lives, you will notice shells left behind and dead ones too. But don’t be disturbed by this. those leftovers actually help your soil as natural fertilizer. The 2024 cicada emergence in Illinois isn’t just about bugs. it has a scientific feel too.

This is an event that reminds us how nature works in amazing cycles and shows us the wonders of the world.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for many people to see an incredible thing that nature does.

This is looking ahead, after the event in 2024, Brood XIII and Brood XIX won’t show up at the same time again until 2245. This makes this year’s event even more special.


As Illinois gets ready to be the top spot for cicadas in 2024 everyone is getting excited. The coming out of these periodical cicadas tells us about nature’s secrets and amazing things. It gives us a peek at how these interesting bugs live their lives. Both people living here and scientists will use this chance to learn, discover things and celebrate how nature keeps going round. We’re all waiting for this amazing sight.

This is a reminder of how beautiful and complex life on Earth is. It’s also about how crucial it is to keep and value the world around us for the future generations.

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