Keep Right, Except to Pass: IDOT’s Push for Safer Highways

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Illinois Department of Transportation giving people lessons on how to drive on big roads. Drivers should stick to the right side and only use the left side when they need to go past someone. They put up a sign for everyone driving east on I270 since March 8. The sign says not to be inconsiderate and remember to keep right except when you have to pass another car. This has been a rule since January 1, 2004, but still many drivers don’t do it, or they just forget.

Why this law is important.

The “stay in the right lane if you’re going slow” law says that the left lane on highways with lots of lanes is mostly for getting ahead of slower cars on the right. This idea helps all the cars move better keeps traffic from jamming up too much and makes crashes less likely. When everyone follows this rule, it means the left lane is open for people who are driving fast. “Are passing, they help keep traffic moving smoothly without unnecessary slowdowns. Illinois is serious about this rule and will fine or discipline drivers who break it depending on how bad the violation is.

The goal of these penalties is to teach not just to punish. This is to stress how important following traffic rules is for everyone’s safety and for keeping traffic running well. IDOT does more than fix roads. they also work to make driving safer by doing things like putting up billboards to remind people to drive safely. IDOT wants to improve life in Illinois by supporting a strong economy and taking care of the environment all while managing transportation safely and effectively. Following the “keep right except

This is an important message about traffic rules. Following the “keep right except to pass” rule helps make roads less crowded and safer. When drivers stick to this rule, there’s less road rage, fewer crashes from sudden lane changes and risky overtaking moves. It also means a smoother drive for all, making the trip nicer and safer.


This is Something All Drivers Should Think About

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is telling everyone who drives to think about how they drive and follow the rules. They want us to remember the “keep right except to pass” rule. How we drive affects how well traffic moves and how safe the roads are. If each person decides to do what this rule says, driving can be better for everyone.


Why Knowing and Teaching Others is Key

Telling people why it’s smart to stay in the right lane unless overtaking matters a lot. We have to understand why it is important better knowledge leads to better driving habits. It’s key that both newbies and experienced drivers learn this well.

This is an important idea, knowing when to keep right on the road, except to overtake, can change how people drive and make sure they follow rules. IDOT put up billboards to remind drivers about what they should do and why it’s so important for keeping roads safe. These signs help drivers remember traffic laws all the time.

Respect and Working Together Following the rule “keep right unless overtaking” helps create a respectful and cooperative way of driving. It means understanding that we all have a part to play in using the roads safely. When everyone follows this rule, along with other traffic laws, there are fewer arguments and accidents which makes driving safer for everyone.


Everyone Must Help Make Roads Safer What IDOT tells us stay right unless you’re passing someone isn’t just a hint. it’s key for safe highways. We all need to work together following this basic idea if we want safer roads.

This is a rule for driving, stay on the right side unless you need to pass someone. It’s really important because it helps keep traffic moving smoothly. It stops too many cars from piling up and cuts down on crashes. We should follow this not just because it’s the law but because we care about being safe and good drivers. If we all do this together our roads in Illinois will be better places for travel, business, and bringing people together. Don’t forget when you keep right except to overtake, it makes a big difference to how well everyone drives. It shows that every driver matters in making our streets safer and helping everyone get where they’re going without trouble.

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