Lincoln County Libraries Try to Get Stable Money with New Library District

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In places with not many people, libraries are big deals. They’re where folks learn, find information and meet up. Lincoln County knows this well as the libraries in Libby, Eureka and Troy are super important for bringing people together. Right now, though, these places are running out of money and it’s a real problem for them to keep going.

The Money Troubles

The libraries in Lincoln County have a tough time with their budgets which is making it hard for them to stay open. Even though they had about 60,000 visitors last year and have 8,000 people with library cards they just can’t find enough cash to keep things as they should be. The county is also short on money they’re down by $1.6 million leading to less money for lots of services.


This is a story about US departments, like the libraries.

This is Alyssa Ramirez, who runs the Lincoln County Public Library. She says that libraries are really important, and this is especially true in places far from big cities. “Nowadays, everyone thinks we don’t need libraries because we have computers and the internet. But I think they’re still super important for rural places. Libraries are like the heart of these communities,” says Ramirez.


This is a Plan for Making a Library District

This is about how to keep funding libraries when money is tight. The library board has an idea, make the library its own district with steady money coming from local taxes instead of less reliable county cash. But first, local people have to vote yes for this to happen.

The leaders of Lincoln County are going to choose whether or not this new library district plan gets put on This is a big day coming up on the June ballot. On Monday, March 11, 2024, people will decide something important about our libraries and what they can do for us. This is a time when people in the town have different opinions. Some worry that they might have to pay more taxes, but others really want to keep the library going strong.

Laura Finley who helps run Lincoln County’s Libraries says libraries are where all kinds of people come together. She loves it because it helps make our community closer. This shows that many people value our libraries for good reasons. Libraries don’t just let you borrow books they also are places where you can learn, go to events, find out things for your studies or meet and hang out with others.

This is the Path Forward This is a big moment for Lincoln County’s libraries. There will be a public meeting soon. After that, the county leaders will have to make a choice. They are thinking about making the libraries part of a special library district. This change is super important because it means the libraries would get their own money to use.

That way, they could do more things, fix up their buildings, and hire more people. People in charge have been talking a lot with folks who live here. They want everyone to understand why this change would be good and they’re trying to answer any worries people might have. These chats have helped more people agree that creating a library district is a smart idea.

This is Why Libraries Matter So Much

Lincoln County’s libraries are having some trouble, but they aren’t alone many smalltown libraries need help too. Libraries are super important for us all. they’re like hubs for our communities where we can find information technology education and fun cultural stuff. If we move ahead with the proposed plan. This is a library district in Lincoln County showing us all a good example.

It tells us that putting money and effort into libraries is really important for the life of a community. This is Lincoln County waiting to see what will happen with their library district idea. It’s super important that people care and get involved. What will happen next for the Libby, Eureka, and Troy libraries? Everyone hopes they’ll find a way to keep getting money so these key places can stay open and help their towns for many years.


To wrap it up, this story from Lincoln County shines a light on just how much we need libraries and how we have to come up with smart ways to save them. The big choice about starting a library district there isn’t just a big deal right now. it’s also going to show other small towns how much we should care for and keep our libraries going. This is important stuff we really need.

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