Discussing New Rules for Drag Shows in Missouri

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In Missouri a group from the House is talking about new rules that want to limit drag shows. They see drag shows like places meant for adults only. These talks are happening for the second year. The plan is to make strict rules and consequences if performances meant for grownups happen where kids might see them.

What’s in the Bill

A lawmaker named Mazzie Christensen who is a Republican from Bethany has put forward this bill. It would mean trouble for anyone putting on adultlike shows where it’s likely kids could watch them. The first time someone breaks this rule, they’d face a minor legal problem. Keep breaking it and they’re looking at more serious charges. Because of this bill people are again talking about how these shows should be handled.

This is a conversation about drag shows and their effect on LGBTQ people in Missouri. In the House’s Special Committee on Public Policy hearing, some people didn’t like the bill. A few of them came dressed in drag to express their worries. They said not all drag shows are sexual., They fear that this law would make times tougher for LGBTQ folks in Missouri.

The Goal of the Bill Rep. Christensen says that the law aims to keep kids away from sex-related stuff. She thinks it can harm their feelings and brains as they grow, but many people disagree with her. They argue that drag shows aren’t always about sex., The law is unfair because it seems to pick on the LGBTQ crowd.

The law talks about “adult cabaret performances.” It refers to acts that try to stir up sexy thoughts., This includes various dancers such as strippers and others who dress up as a different gender.This is an overview of a rule. It says that if a business makes more than 30% of its money from adult content, it will be known as a “sexually oriented business.” These kinds of businesses have to follow extra rules.

This is about the local effect and people who don’t agree. Maxi Glamour is famous for performing in drag in St Louis. They say these new rules on where performances can happen will really hurt drag clubs in the city. This could make performers and openminded people leave Missouri because the rules are too strict. In a meeting, politicians didn’t all agree on what the new law should say. Some thought it was too general while others believed it targeted only sexual acts in shows.

It’s tricky to write a law that protects kids but also respects the rights of performers and businesses. This is what one politician thinks, Rep Brad Hudson is a Republican from Cape Fair. This is a bill that focuses on stopping performances with sexual content when kids are around. But Rep. Ashley Aune, a Democrat from the area north of Kansas City, is worried about something in the bill. She thinks it could accidentally make places like Twin Peaks or Hooters count as “sexually oriented businesses” because of how they talk about people dressing up as the opposite gender.

Rep. Mark Sharp, another Democrat from Kansas City, isn’t sure if we really need this bill at all. He says if it only dealt with clear sexual acts in front of kids, then maybe it would be okay. But right now, he thinks the bill goes too far and could cause problems.


Looking Forward

The Missouri House committee didn’t do anything with the bill when they talked about it on Wednesday so no one knows what will happen next with it. People keep talking though because they want to protect kids but also don’t want to cause any trouble that isn’t needed.

This law needs to be fair and not single out or push aside any groups, especially the LGBTQ community.

People are talking a lot about this new law. They’re discussing drag shows, LGBTQ rights, and whether the government should control what kind of shows people can watch. This talks about how tricky it is for lawmakers to keep kids safe but also let people freely express themselves and include everyone.

As Missouri deals with these tough topics, whatever happens with this law might affect other places too. It will add to bigger conversations about how culture, people’s rights, and rules all come together in today’s world.

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