Fatal Tractor Crash on I-70

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Early on the following day, January 22, 2024, a serious tractor-trailer motor vehicle collision on Interstate 70 in Callaway County, Missouri, resulted in the full closure of the westbound lanes and compelled the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) to launch an investigation. The incident shows the never-ending potential risks posed by ice road conditions all throughout Missouri’s winter months.

Details of the Crash

The tractor-trailer was apparently the only vehicle involved in the tragically deadly collision, which transpired close to the 145-mile marker on westbound I-70. Traffic had to be rerouted through the Kingdom of Magic City exit at the 148-mile marker, under the directions of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), because the collision caused the main highway to become eliminated.

Response to the Incident

Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Investigation

MSHP investigators were sent to the spot that was essentially away after the incident to carry out an extensive investigation. Troop F of the patrol, which covers a large portion of Mid-Missouri, said that officers were actively responding to accident sites in all 13 of its counties, demonstrating the pervasive hazardous circumstances.

MoDOT’s Traffic Management and Road Conditions

  • MoDOT’s traveler map indicated that the road closure was expected to last about two hours, with the road reopening around 9:30 a.m. 
  • The department also highlighted the perilous conditions across most of Missouri, with roads being covered in ice as freezing rain continued to fall beyond 7 a.m. 
  • MoDOT advised drivers to avoid the roads through midday, particularly on the stretch of Interstate 70 between Kingdom City and Wentzville, where numerous slide-offs were reported.

Community Impact and Safety Measures

Schools and University Response: To guarantee the safety of children and parents, several local schools have canceled classes for the day due to extremely dangerous driving conditions. The University of Missouri also transitioned to remote operations in order to reduce staff and student travel concerns.

Announcements about Public Safety

  • Authorities in the Mid-Missouri region advised locals to stay at home because to the hazardous circumstances while driving. 
  • Local officials emphasised the need of traffic safety and constant surveillance amid ice conditions across social media messages.


This unfortunate event serves as a sobering reminder of the risks that cold weather poses to drivers. It emphasizes the important role of implementing traffic advice and driving cautiously in bad weather. In order to preserve the safety of motorists and citizens of Missouri, the MSHP and MoDOT will not stop assessing traffic conditions and taking the necessary steps. 

For more information on road safety and real-time traffic updates, motorists are encouraged to visit the Missouri Department of Transportation website.

Current Status and Ongoing Developments

Updates and more material will be coming as the MSHP continues to look into what caused the disaster. The event demonstrates the continual difficulties that infrastructure and law enforcement organizations confront with regards to preserving road safety in the face of dangerous weather conditions. The community continues to work to improve road safety statewide Missouri, and its sympathies are with those who have been affected by this unfortunate incident.

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