Ice Storm in St. Louis: Fire Truck’s Close Call

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A powerful ice storm ripped through St. Louis, converting the streets into icy ravines. Travel was hazardous due to the unexpected shift in weather from snow and sleet to freezing rain. The hazardous circumstances resulted in an enormous number of automobile crashes and ER visits.

Impact on the Community

The ice storm had an enormous impact on people’s daily life and tested the emergency services’ capacity. Government issued a Winter Weather Advisory due to severe temperatures, advising people to stay indoors unless truly necessary.

Fire Truck’s Close Call

Amidst this ice mayhem, an outstanding incident involving a Rock Community Fire Protection District fire vehicle transpired in a Jefferson County neighborhood. The fire truck had been responding to an emergency call when it faced the full force of the storm, which led to a loss of control and potentially fatal consequences.

Eyewitness Accounts and Videos

Joe Lawson and Katelynn Voisey, local residents, captured the harrowing moment on video. In their video, the fire engine seems to be going extremely crazy, making a full 360-degree circle on the slick, tending road, and just avoided a disastrous collision with some surrounding residences. The vehicle slammed a parked transportation. thankfully deflecting it from more serious damage, and ultimately came to a stop on the grass between the two dwellings.

Community’s Shock and Reaction

Lawson expressed his disbelief at the scene, noting the truck’s high speed and inevitable loss of control. Voisey, who had called 911 for a separate incident involving her car, recorded another perspective of the fire truck’s spin. The community was shaken by the incident, with many expressing relief that no serious injuries occurred.

Fire Chief’s Statement

The Rock Community Prevention of Fires District’s fire chief, Kevin Wingbermuehle, acknowledged the significance of the their occurrence. He maintained that the driver’s immediate reaction averted what could have been a catastrophic catastrophe. The Chief’s joy that nobody was hurt highlighted just how hazardous the ice surroundings were.

Social Media Reaction and Viral Footage

The terrifying conditions on the roads brought on by the ice precipitation were brought to light by the rapidly going viral transcriptions of the fire truck’s have trouble. Locals and wider audiences were drawn in by the video that was posted on social media, which attracted attention to the difficulties emergency responders have in the case of extreme weather conditions.

Wider Implications of the Incident

It is an alarming reminder of the unpredictable nature and potential dangers of severe winter weather. It also demonstrates some of the challenges and dangers first responders encounter in carrying out their responsibilities in these types of circumstances. What could have been a far more serious accident was saved thanks in significant measure to the community’s prompt reflection and reaction.


As a result of the fire truck’s near-miss during the St. Louis ice storm, it is important to be attentive and prepared for extreme weather. It functions as an illustration of the bravery, obstacles, and persistence of communities faced with catastrophes of any kind, as well as the financial challenges faced by emergency services staff members.

Further Information and Updates

For more detailed information and updates on similar incidents and weather conditions in St. Louis, please visit Fox 2 News.

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